cody krieger


Hi! đź‘‹ I’m Cody.

I’m a software engineer by day, and a guitarist, singer, and recording engineer by night.

In 2010, as a senior in high school, I wrote and open-sourced gfxCardStatus, which became surprisingly popular. To this day, the gfxCardStatus website continues to see a large amount of traffic—between website visits and download traffic, on the order of 300K unique visitors per month.

I went on to attend RIT for software engineering. After two years and two summer internships with Apple, I left to join Apple’s Safari team.

I left Apple in 2015 to join a startup called EVA Automation, which later acquired the storied British hi-fi brand Bowers & Wilkins. While at Bowers, I designed and built the core of what became the operating system for the Formation wireless audio products. In my last role before moving on, I was the software architect for the company’s Bluetooth headphones division.

In mid-2019, I joined the audio team at Roku, and spent about the next year and a half working on the company’s fledgling wireless speaker products (which, incidentally, punch way above their weight, and are worth a listen).

Presently, I’m working on something exciting and new, and hopefully I’ll have more to share Soon™. ✨


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